Northwest Arkansas Keto: Java Dudes Coffee Co.

COVID is hitting some of us pretty hard, some harder than others. I think we all know it’s important to shop local and support small businesses, so I thought I would start a series of posts to try to amplify small businesses in my area that are keto friendly.

Today’s post is a shout out to Java Dudes Coffee Company. They have an eat-in coffee shop with outdoor patio in Rogers, and a drive-thru coffee hut in Bella Vista. When you support this small business, you support several other local small businesses and local artists as well. They do offer delivery through services such as GrubHub, DoorDash, etc. The best part is the very visible, dedicated sugar free portion of the larger menu that eases decision making:

No photo description available.

They also have teas, matcha, smoothies, and traditional coffee drinks as well. My favorite from the sugar free menu above is probably the Irish Dude, but I frequently go for the Hawaiian Dude as well. Iced, please, it’s NOT hot coffee weather here right now, ugh. The drink flavorings are subtle, not overpowering. The drinks are coffee with a little syrup, not syrup with a little coffee, if that makes sense.

One opportunity for improvement: provide nutritional information for macro tracking purposes. I requested this once but haven’t heard back or followed up.

The Rogers coffee shop has some delicious looking salads I’ve yet to try. The keto options in the bakery case are usually the keto cupcakes and cheesecakes provided by Desserts First. Sometimes the options include keto cinnamon rolls or cookies. They sell out FAST! I’ve tried the cupcakes and a bit of cheesecake; they’re delicious.

The owners are very cool, super friendly, and involved with the community and supporting others. All of their staff are also friendly and enthusiastic. The Rogers coffee shop also welcomes dogs, which makes for a great coffee run! Never a bad experience!

I Love Keto Fried Rice

I mentioned on my Keto Instagram yesterday that fried rice has been in heavy rotation at my house lately. Generally, I meal plan for the week ahead and build my grocery list to accommodate that plan, but it’s been a little difficult to do that recently as the selections at my usual grocer have become unreliable. I realize it’s a supply chain issue due to COVID, so I’ve taken to adding staple items to my grocery list as I run out of them, then meal planning at the store depending on the meats and fish that are available at the time. It’s a little challenging to do that as someone who can follow a recipe but isn’t really a great cook without a book (yet, I’m working on it!), so I rely on versatile favorites to help me out.

My go-to is the Protein Fried Rice recipe from the Made Whole cookbook by Cristina Curp. It always tastes great and satisfies, even if I need to tweak it for ingredient availability or want to swap out different veggies. I made this one yesterday using the Green Giant Cauliflower Risotto Medley that I had on hand (nobody tell my picky hubby that he ate asparagus with his dinner last night! ha!):

Even though I have a favorite I am always open to something new. Here are a few other keto fried rice recipes I’d like to try. If you’re very strict clean keto, you can cut out peas and carrots and put in different veggies like broccoli, celery, and/or asparagus, and coconut aminos or liquid aminos in place of soy sauce.

Keto Garlic Fried Rice @ I Heart Umami. Uses Konjac Rice instead of Cauliflower. I bet this rocks with shrimp and/or chicken as a full meal.

Paleo Broccoli Fried Rice, also @ I Heart Umami. My grocer usually has riced broccoli in the freezer section. This sounds like a really interesting way to use it!

Keto Chinese Pork Belly Cauliflower Fried Rice @ Keto Unboxed. My grocer has recently started stocking pork belly. I might have to try this one next time they have it.

Crispy Sheet Pan Cauliflower Fried Rice @ The Castaway Kitchen. With hemp hearts for an additional nutritional punch!

Crab Fried “Rice” @ Macarons and Mayhem. I am HERE for a good seafood fried rice.

And below…fried rice with bacon and eggs. Breakfast!

Think! Keto Protein Bar

Not an ad. This review is of a product purchased by me with my own money.

I don’t eat a lot of protein bars; many of the ones I’ve tried just don’t do it for me either in taste, texture, or ingredients. I picked up a box of these on a whim and found myself reaching for them as a dessert or to satisfy a candy bar craving. I left them off my grocery list this week not because I don’t like them, but because I probably like them a little too much.

think! Keto Protein Bars, Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie image
Click the photo to view this product on the Think! website.

I think of this protein bar as what would happen if Reese’s turned their peanut butter cups into a keto-friendly candy bar; chocolate covered fluffy peanut butter with a few little pieces of crunchy peanut. It’s not as sweet as a Reese’s, but will definitely satisfy a sweets craving. I’ve had protein bars that are dense and chewy, or oddly dry and crumbly. This one isn’t either of those textures.

I’m not sure how this performs as a protein bar; I’m not well schooled in all of the reasons people eat them. I wouldn’t recommend this one if you need something quick to satisfy hunger, for example. I think this bar is great if you find yourself a little bit short of reaching your protein macro and want a little something to close that gap. Or, as mentioned above, something to help satisfy a craving for sweets or dessert.

This bar is actually made of peanut butter, not another nut butter substitute with flavoring. If you avoid legumes, this bar is unfortunately not for you. So far they just have the Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie flavor in their Keto options, but I can’t imagine they won’t have other Keto flavors available at some point.


I think I’d like something like this for my first RV. It looks like the Thor Four Winds Majestic 19G is no longer made, but the size is right. For my first camper, I’m not really interested in towing, slides, or anything as expensive/more expensive than an actual house, LOL. This one is a *bit* small, but looks like something I would be comfortable managing on my own, if needed.


  • Lose this last 25-30ish pounds and firm everything up
  • Get an RV
  • More camping/travelling
  • Learn to cook instead of only knowing how to follow recipes
  • Get the big fancy camera out and use it more often. Improve photography skills.